Inktober 2017, Day 12: Shattered

Inktober 2017 Day 12 ShatteredInktober, Day 12: Shattered.

This drawing is basically the manifestation of my shattered hopes and dreams of being a back-to-back champion of my fantasy football league this season after starting 0-5 lol. I mean, (warning: here comes the whining) my 1st round pick has yet to score a TD this season, my 3rd round pick has combined for 8 receptions and 56 yards IN HIS LAST 4 GAMES, I’ve lost 2 starters to the IR, just… sigh… I could go on and on… I’m sorry Fantasy Gods for whatever I’ve done to anger you all…


[6″ x 8″] Col-Erase pencil -> Micron .08 Pen -> Micron 1 Pen -> Sharpie Fine Point