Video & Animation

Marvel x NBA

In honor of tonight’s Marvel x NBA game between the Warriors and Pelicans, throwing it back to 2018 when I did a Marvel-

Naomi’s Names

Question: “You said from the beginning – you had seven matches, seven masks, seven names. What was the message you

#NBAImagineIf: 60 in 60

  [Audio: On 🔊] For the past 60 days, we hope you’ve enjoyed our fun look into an alternate NBA where trade

Michael’s Last Dance V

  For the last episode of The Last Dance, had to do something special to celebrate the 🏀🐐. Was a lot of f

#NBAImagineIf: McGrady a Sixer

My fourth NBA Imagine If project! And this is a scenario that shoulda been! In 1999, the Sixers had a deal with the Raptors to

Clippers vs Warriors in 2019-20

Thrilled to share my latest project – illustrating the Clippers vs Warriors for the Clippers 2019/20 schedule release! T

Throwback: Steph Thanos

Throwing it back to a year ago when I got to do this fun Avengers Infinity War x NBA playoffs mashup for Bleacher Report. Feel

Mitch of Run TMC

Bringing you another joint Dubs project with the fellas, @jcarillo_designs and @willow408 ! Flashing back to another high octa

Javale Posting The Block Panther

Whoa. It’s not every day a 2x champ from your favorite team posts the artwork you did of them! Huge thanks, Javale!! Her

ABC 7 Bay Area Interview

Was interviewed by ABC7 Bay Area news for my Warriors artwork in the Dubz Against The World exhibit at SoleSpace! Feels weird

House of Highlights Challenge

Soooo this happened to me today lol. Though I hate seeing the Ws lose, it was fun to win tickets and be in Roaracle to feel th

Steph Thanos and the Gold Order

Honored to do the Warriors series win illustration for Bleacher Report! The motion graphics are by the talented Bleacher Repor