Thank you, Mr. Perez

Back in 1997, George Perez attended a comic show close to my hometown. I couldn’t get to the show until almost close, but I


Thank you to @battleofthebayart for allowing me to be a part of the #ForBuster Virtual Art Show celebrating Buster Posey!

Gold Blooded Jordan

What a playoff debut for Jordan Poole! It was a Poole Party and everyone was invited! 💦🔫🎉 Not even a f

Warriors Playoff Bound

What a finish!!! 🔥 Six straight threes in the 4th qtr comeback including 4 by this guy! Huge comeback to lock in a pla

TPT 2021: Season Recap

On the eve of the end of the 2021-2022 NFL season, here’s one more look at my #TopPerformerTuesday fantasy season proj

Sea Captain Klay & Rocco

Excited to be a part of the #JustKlay Virtual Art Show! Follow @artofgsw to see awesome Klay Thompson themed art created b

Year of the Tiger

Happy Lunar New Year! 📆🎉🐅🧨 ========= Illustrator (drawing & colors) -> InDesign (layout an

TPT 2021 Week 17: Amon-Ra St. Brown

For my Week 17 #TopPerformerTuesday , he propelled me to a league title – and for that, he’s gotta get a drawing

Chiefs Bills Game Wow

WHAT. A. GAME. 🔥🔥🔥 ========= Clip Studio Pro (drawing & colors) -> Photoshop (color edits)

Deebo is Awesome

DEEBO SAMUEL 🔥🔥🔥!!! GO NINERS!!! ========= Clip Studio Pro (drawing & colors) -> Photoshop (col

TPT 2021 Week 16: Damien Harris

Almost caught up on my #TopPerformerTuesday project! How huge was Damien Harris in Week 16 for fantasy owners in their semif

Welcome Back, Number 11!

WELCOME BACK, NUMBER 11!!! 👏👏👏🔥🔥🔥 ========= Clip Studio Pro (drawing & col