Thank you, Mr. Perez

Back in 1997, George Perez attended a comic show close to my hometown. I couldn’t get to the show until almost close, but I

Blackout Tuesday

Black lives matter. ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽✊🏽✊🏻✊

2019 Best Nine

My best nine for 2019! My Warriors art usually gets some good attention, so Rafael Nadal getting into my Best Nine is a nice s

Vegas with Coach Fraschilla

When you’re working at a Starbucks in Vegas during NBA Summer League and find out you’ve been sitting next to so

Washington Post interview

I rarely post pictures of myself, but when the Washington Post posts a story with your photo in it, I guess it should be share

Unexpected BR Kicks Post

When you’re taking the train home from a late night at work and unexpectedly see in your social feed that BR Kicks did a

The Same Brady

When you’re watching the Super Bowl pregame show and realize the show’s artists picked the same reference photo as

2018 Best Nine

My best nine for 2018! Happy my Dubs artwork reigned supreme in 8 of my top 9, alongside my Akecheta drawing from Westworld. M

Thank you, Stan

Back in 1993, for my birthday, I wanted to meet the man who I knew as the creator of my favorite superheroes and who’s v

Golden Visions: Art of DubNation

Super excited to announce GOLDEN VISIONS: THE ART OF DUBNATION art show! Just in time for the Warriors new season! The show ki

Thank you, Mr. Ditko

When I was little, I couldn’t understand why these were my favorite comics. I read other Spider-Man comics, but I didn&#

Sole Space Meet ‘N’ Greet

This Saturday, May 26, from 4pm to 9pm! Come on out to Sole Space on 1714 Telegraph Ave in Oakland (just off the 19th St Bart