Inktober 2017, Day 28: Fall

Inktober, Day 28: Fall. It’s that time of year again! Can’t believe we’re already down to the last two month

Inktober 2017, Day 27: Climb

Inktober, Day 27: Climb. Just when I got caught up, totally fell behind on my Inktobers hahaha. So now, making the climb back

Inktober 2017, Day 26: Squeak

Inktober, Day 27: Squeak. For all those times when that incessant squeaking drives you nuts! You know what I’m talking a

Inktober 2017, Day 25: Ship

Inktober, Day 25: Ship. I’m assuming most people are drawing some sort of vehicle, but I know “ship” to also

Inktober 2017, Day 24: Blind

Inktober, Day 24: Blind. Homage to John Romita Jr. and Al Williamson from Daredevil The Man Without Fear issue 5, page 1. ====

Inktober 2017, Day 23: Juicy

Inktober, Day 23: Juicy. “It was all a dream! I used to read Word Up magazine. Salt-n-Pepa and Heavy D up in the limous

Inktober 2017, Day 22: Trail

Inktober, Day 22: Trail. Thought about some of the cool park trails out here and my last hike through the giant sequioas in th

Inktober 2017, Day 21: Furious

Inktober, Day 21: Furious. It’s about family. ======================================== [6″ x 8″] Col-Erase pencil -&

Inktober 2017, Day 20: Deep

Inktober, Day 20: Deep. Deepak Chopra as Samuel Jackson’s character in Deep Blue Sea reenacting my favorite scene as the

Inktober 2017, Day 19: Cloud

Inktober, Day 19: Cloud. Server racks out in the fields. The cloud under clouds. ======================================== [6

Inktober 2017, Day 18: Filthy

Inktober, Day 18: Filthy. The first time I saw Pig Pen, I thought he was a really dirty Charlie Brown lol. ===================

Inktober 2017, Day 17: Graceful

Inktober, Day 17: Graceful. First time drawing a ballet dancer. Really dug the pose. Lotta fun to draw! ======================