Drew Brees the Gold Standard

With Week 16 comes many fantasy football teams making it through the gauntlet of the regular season and fighting for champions

TPT Week 16: Aaron Rodgers

The final post of my #TopPerformerTuesday project! Though it unintentionally stalled in the last few posts, I thought it was

TPT Week 15: Mike Williams

The penultimate post of my #TopPerformerTuesday project! I know it’s not a Tuesday, but hey, football season is over s

TPT Week 14: Derrick Henry

I know football season just finished, but it’s not officially over for me just yet! Catching up on my #TopPerformerTues

TPT Week 13: Josh Allen

Still working on catching up – bonus #TopPerformerTuesday post on a Friday! Three more to go! I know the passing yards

TPT Week 12: Amari Cooper

Bonus #TopPerformerTuesday post on a Thursday! The holiday season is kicking my butt and I’ve really fallen behind, but

TPT Week 11: Saquon Barkley

Bonus #TopPerformerTuesday post on a Sunday since I’m still catching up from my computer crash. How fun has this guy b

TPT Week 10: Zach Ertz

Bonus #TopPerformerTuesday post on a Thursday! And by bonus, I mean it’s long overdue! Sorry for the delay in posting

TPT Week 9: Christian McCaffrey

This week’s #TopPerformerTuesday drawing is slightly remorseful in that I passed on drafting him and he ended my fanta

TPT Week 8: Deshaun Watson

After injuring his ribs and lung in Week 5, Deshaun Watson is starting to look like his old self. He lit up the Dolphins for 5

TPT Week 7: Marlon Mack

A week after returning from a hamstring injury, Marlon Mack seems to be running just fine! He goes for 159 yards from scrimmag

TPT Week 6: Albert Wilson

Part of the fun of my #TopPerformerTuesday series has been drawing players I didn’t expect to draw. Like this Week 6 dra