He of the Giant Steps card

heofthegiantstepscardOne more homage to the FANTASY SPORTS No 1 book that I really enjoyed!

Took my homage drawing of He Of The Giant Steps and decided to make a faux old-timey basketball card out of it.  For his team, I listed The Bone Zone since a reference was made to that area in the story.  I designated him as a Center since he was so tall and did so much of his game moves close to the basket.

Looked at some old basketball cards as reference for size and design.  Went with the odd, tall-sized cards of the early ’70s. Lastly, did some effects to give it an aged feel.

Had fun goofin’ around with this! 😛


[2.5″x4.7″] Pentel Stylo Sketch Pen -> Photoshop (colors) -> InDesign (graphic design & typography) -> Photoshop (aging effects)