R.I.P. The Walking Dead comic

Wow, R.I.P. The Walking Dead comic series! What an amazing 16 year run it’s been (2003-2019)! I had the privilege of bei

FAF: Murder Falcon

Decided to kickoff my Friday with a little fan art! Anyone else really enjoy Murder Falcon issue 1? Thought issue 1 was a ton

Walking Dead Day Number 1s

Happy Walking Dead Day to you all! Crazy that it’s been 15 years for, what started as a little known comic book, now, wo

Cooke’ing in a Flash

Like the rest of the comics community, I was greatly saddened to hear about Darwyn Cooke’s passing. I’ve been a hu

Happy So-Many-Things Valentine

Anyone else notice how many things were going on over this past Holiday weekend? -Valentine’s Day -President’s Day

Private Eye on you

Just finished reading all of THE PRIVATE EYE this week. Brian K Vaughan is still awesome. Marcos Martin is my new art hero. He

He of the Giant Steps card

One more homage to the FANTASY SPORTS No 1 book that I really enjoyed! Took my homage drawing of He Of The Giant Steps and dec

He of the Giant Steps lace ’em up!

Was at my LCS the other week and an unsual looking book caught my eye – FANTASY SPORTS No 1 by Sam Bosma, published by N

Kirkman Backlist: Outcast

Here’s the backlist ad for OUTCAST. Since there is only one tradepaperback so far for OUTCAST, this advertisement included o

Kirkman Backlist: Invincible

Here’s the backlist ad for the INVINCIBLE catalog. I organized the different types of books into different sections and list

Kirkman Backlist: Walking Dead

Besides regular comic advertisements, I also make backlist ads. Here’s the ad for THE WALKING DEAD catalog. I organized the

Outcast Vol 1 Version 2 ad

Here’s a comic book page advertisement I made for OUTCAST.  This is an updated version of the ad that I did a month ago. Th