Chef Curry’s Cavs Stew

chefcurryanimationIn honor of tomorrow’s Game 7 between the Warriors and the Cavs, posting this animated gif I made of Steph Curry last week after Game 5. Sadly, the Ws lost Game 6. Tomorrow is gonna be a nailbiter!

Obviously, was playing on the Chew Curry moniker. I initially was just going to make this a still image of him wearing the traditional chef’s garb and saying “Almost done” while holding the tasting spoon with his “3-finger salute” that he makes after hitting a 3-pointer. But after I drew it, the idea popped into my head of making it a looping animated gif. So I scanned the drawing first and colored it. Then cut it up into a few different pieces so I could animate them. Then I used Photoshop and slid the pieces around to make different frames.

For the fake Chef Curry label, I used Chef Boyardee as my main influence and did it up in InDesign. I layed in the Chef Curry figure and exported a series of jpgs with all the design elements intact.

I then reimported all of the jpgs into Photoshop and did Frame Animation to create the animated gif. A bit of a weird back-and-forth across applications, but it all made sense in my head so I just went with it. Hope you like it.


*Update 6/19 — Congrats to the Cavs on an amazing battle in Game 7.


[9″x12″] Col-Erase pencil -> Micron Pen -> Photoshop (for coloring and cutting into layers) -> InDesign (for graphic design and typography) -> Photoshop (for frame animation)