Gold Blooded Andrew

Game 5 Wiggins was 🔥🔥🔥 ========= Clip Studio Pro (drawing & colors) -> Photoshop (color edits)

Gold Blooded Steph

What. A. Game. Steph happens. 🔥🔥🔥 ========= Clip Studio Pro (drawing & colors) -> Photoshop (co

Gold Blooded Draymond

I’m sure Money Green is feeling very Gold Blooded today! Let’s get it!! GO DUBS!!! 🏀🔥🔥 ===

Thank You, Oracle Arena

What an end to the season. Not the outcome or consequences Warriors fans wanted, but seeing the fight and sacrifice was incred

Washington Post interview

I rarely post pictures of myself, but when the Washington Post posts a story with your photo in it, I guess it should be share

Get Well Soon, KD

Using this week’s¬†#WarriorsWednesday¬†post to send positive vibes to KD. Wishing him a healthy and speedy recovery. &#x

2018 NBA Champs

SO great to see you again, Larry! ======================================== Manga Studio 5 (drawing & colors) -> Photosh

Game 3 Monster

KD. Game 3 monster. ======================================== Manga Studio 5 (drawing & colors) -> Photoshop (color edit

Steph’s Back

Steph. Back in The Finals. Fourth straight. Pretty damn amazing. ======================================== Manga Studio 5 (draw

Lebron’s Back

LeBron. Back in The Finals. Eighth straight. Pretty damn amazing. ======================================== Manga Studio 5 (dra

Ws Cheer Card: David West

Needed to do one last #WarriorsWeek homemade Cheer Card for David West! Been a fan of his since he got into the league and was

Ws Cheer Card: Ian Clark

New additions for my series of #WarriorsWeek homemade Cheer Cards! Happy to add Ian Clark to the mix. Inspired by the NBC Spor