TPT 2021 Week 15: Tyler Huntley

Getting closer to catching up on my¬†#TopPerformerTuesday¬†project! I thought I’d be drawing Baltimore’s mobile quarterback this season – I just didn’t expect it to be Tyler Huntley! He earned it with his Week 15 performance where he nearly led the Ravens back from a 31-17 deficit against the Packers. Just fell short on the 2-point conversion going for the win. Nevertheless, his combined passing and rushing stats made him the best fantasy player of the week.

Honorable mention to Travis Kelce on his 191 yards receiving & 2 TD day. Since the Chiefs had a post back in Week 4, they were ineligible for another.


Clip Studio Pro (drawing & colors) -> Photoshop (color edits) -> InDesign (layout and text)