The Gwen experiment

gwenstacycoloredI saw the new Spider-Man movie and really enjoyed it. I don’t think it’s a “perfect” movie, but the stuff I loved made up for the stuff I didn’t like.

One of the things I loved was Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy. I HATED how Gwen was used (or not used) in Spider-Man 3 — I thought it was an absolute waste. But this movie gave me what I’ve been wanting with this character. I thought she and Andrew Garfield had a good chemistry as an onscreen couple. I found out after watching the movies that they became an offscreen couple while shooting! I guess they both felt that chemistry too and it wasn’t just acting! 😛 Anyhow, as a sort of tribute to the Amazing Spider-Man movie, I thought I’d do a Gwen sketch.

As much as I enjoyed Emma Stone, I wasn’t going for a likeness in my drawing. Just my own interpretation of her. When I started the sketch, I knew I wanted to draw her holding her school books with a “<3 Spider-Man” sticker on her binder. But after looking at my layout, I thought the drawing was very stiff. There was no life to it. Sitting next to my drawing table at that time were sketchbooks that I picked up at Comic Con. One of the guys who’s work I ALWAYS feels has energy and “bounce” to his drawings is Eric Canete. If you are unfamiliar with this work, please click on this link and enjoy the amazingness of his work. His figures always have a great balance of fuildity and rigidity to them that I admire. So I decided to experiment with this sketch some and try to put some of that feeling into this piece.

I know when it comes to my work, I can be extremely particular with the linework. With this experiment, I decided to let go of that and just sketch. It turned out to be an interesting blend of how I normally draw and how I never draw. When it was all drawn, I decided to throw some quick colors on it to flesh it out. As always with these experiments, I see aspects that I want to try again and aspects that I’d want to do differently. But overall, I think I was successful in injecting some life into what I had initially layed out. So for me the Gwen experiment was a success. :-)


[9″x12″] Col-Erase Pencil -> Micron Pens -> Photoshop