Commission: Psylocke’d

commissionpsylockeI’m getting ready for a possible convention I might be doing at the end of the month and want to have some pre-show pieces done for sale. Here’s one I did of Psylocke of X-Men fame.

Went into the archives and looked at some old Joe Madureira Uncanny X-Men comics as inspiration for the piece. I fondly remember his run when he popularized that manga-esque style that was so big at the time. Didn’t try to emulate that style here, but hoped to get a little bit of that energy he brought with his poses and curves and linework. For me, his X-Men run was some fun times. 🙂

When I do these commission pieces, I try to treat each one as an experiment — an opportunity to try something new or focus on something I want to improve on. In this piece, I wanted to practice my foreshortening, glare on shiny fabrics, and warm/cool graytone markers. I’m happy I made an attempt at these things and did learn from it.


[11″x14″] Col-Erase Pencil -> Micron Pens -> Copic Warm and Cool Gray Markers