Black Widow, Agent of SHIELD

I wanted to do something fun and topical and right now, what’s more topical than the Avengers movie?! Can’t believ

Wonder Woman – ECCC 2012

Here’s a graytoned sketch I did of Wonder Woman. For whatever reason, when I draw her, Darwyn Cooke’s take on her

Galactus – WonderCon 2012

Here’s my sketch of the Devourer of worlds, Galactus! Admittedly, when the person asked for Galactus, I freaked out for

White Queen defiant

Here’s an illustration I did of the White Queen, Emma Frost, during my excitement for X-Men: First Class to come out (re

WWII Cap thumbs up

Happy 4th of July! It’s only fitting that on a patriotic day, there’d be a Captain America post, right? 😛 Here&

Commission: Tomb raided colored

Here’s a colorized version of the Tomb Raider graytone piece I uploaded earlier. Experimented with how I color in Photos

Commission: Tomb raided

Here’s another pre-convention piece that I did to show what my commissions look like. This time, I drew Tomb Raider, Lar

Commission: Marvelous strut

Here’s a commission of Ms Marvel on 11″x14″ paper with some graytone marker. I felt like Ms Marvel is the ty

Zatanna flying cards

Here’s a belated birthday gift for a friend who has a Zatanna-themed sketchbook. Wanted to do an illustration with Zatan

Commission: Psylocke’d colorized

This is a follow-up to the Psylocke graytoned piece I posted earlier. When I posted the graytone version, I felt like I should

Commission: Psylocke’d

I’m getting ready for a possible convention I might be doing at the end of the month and want to have some pre-show piec

Scrap graytone sketch

A sketch of Scrap (from Dynamo 5) that I did for a friend in his sketchbook. If you don’t read Dynamo 5, you should chec