Marvel x NBA

In honor of tonight’s Marvel x NBA game between the Warriors and Pelicans, throwing it back to 2018 when I did a Marvel-

Spidey: Far From Home So Fun

Anyone else really enjoy Spider-Man: Far From Home? Thought it was a lot of fun! LOVED what they did with Mysterio! When I ini

Spida-Mitchell #1D Breakdowns

My last set of breakdowns for my D.O.N. Issue #1 cover images! Thanks to everyone that’s followed along and liked these

Spida-Mitchell #1C Breakdowns

Here’s the breakdowns for my D.O.N. Issue #1 Stealth colorway cover image: + Full cover image + Details map + Finished

Spida-Mitchell #1B Breakdowns

Back with more breakdowns! Here’s the set for my D.O.N. Issue #1 Symbiote colorway cover image: + Full cover image + D

Spida-Mitchell #1A Breakdowns

I always enjoy when artists share breakdowns for their work, so thought I’d do it for my D.O.N. Issue #1 Regular color

The Amazing Spida-Mitchell #1

Excited to finally be able to share this project I’ve been working on! HERE COMES THE SPIDA-MITCHELLLLL *sung like the o

Throwback: Steph Thanos

Throwing it back to a year ago when I got to do this fun Avengers Infinity War x NBA playoffs mashup for Bleacher Report. Feel

Unexpected BR Kicks Post

When you’re taking the train home from a late night at work and unexpectedly see in your social feed that BR Kicks did a

Thank you, Stan

Back in 1993, for my birthday, I wanted to meet the man who I knew as the creator of my favorite superheroes and who’s v

Javale Posting The Block Panther

Whoa. It’s not every day a 2x champ from your favorite team posts the artwork you did of them! Huge thanks, Javale!! Her

Meeting the Block Panther

Got to meet the Block Panther today! Thanks for the autograph and picture, Javale! Thrilled that you liked my work and I was a