BR Justice League: Super James

Bleacher Report Justice League: Super JamesHere’s my illustration of the Superman / LeBron James mashup. It was inspired by the Superman Justice League movis poster. I affectionately referred to this piece as “Super James”.

A couple notes on the details of this illustration:

  • He’s wearing the Nike LeBron 15 Wine colorway.
  • The outfit’s color scheme is based on the Cavaliers’ wine, gold, and navy colors.
  • There’s a C for Cleveland worked into the Superman chest symbol.
  • The Cavs text logo is worked into the belt area.
  • He has “MOOD” on his hand, which is balled into a fist as a nod to his Twitter moment when he shared a picture of a balled-up fist from the cartoon, Arthur.
  • He has a bottle of wine in his left arm since LeBron has been commenting a lot on wine lately.


Autodesk Sketchbook (drawing) -> Photoshop (colors) -> Illustrator (logo) -> Photoshop (compositing and blending)