Barnett is Golden

Hellooo everyone! Sorry for the long lack of posts. Work’s been nuts. Life’s been nuts. Just haven’t had the space to do any new artwork. Hopefully that changes soon! BUT, what better reason to post again then a tribute to Jim Barnett on his last night of TV broadcasting!

Since 1985, no matter the wins or losses, DubNation was always guided by the dependable voice of Jim Barnett. Personally, so much of my enjoyment watching Warriors broadcasts came from Jim pointing out the “Easter eggs” in the game. Whether it was how plays unfold, or proper playing techniques, or his experiences in the league, Jim always added a little something extra to the games. He always treated viewers with respect and made education enjoyable. If there was a national broadcast or a local one, I always picked local to hear Jim – no question.

Thanks for everything, Jim! Will miss your presence on TV, but will catch those radio broadcasts you’re doing!


Clip Studio Pro (drawing & colors) -> Photoshop (color edits)