Year of the Super Bowl Sunday

cnysuperbowlmonkeySunday, February 7th, 2016. For some, it’s the end of the Year of the Goat. For others, it’s the end of the NFL season. For me, it was both! To commemorate, thought I’d do a fun little drawing combining football with the beginning to the Year of the Monkey.

Artistically, it was a fun experiment from how I normally draw. It was more of a cartoony style than I’m use to. I thought about the drawing in broader shapes and thicker lines. Decided to color the drawing with a red and gold color scheme (colors that are good luck for Chinese New Year). Then added in some asian-style border designs.


[6″x6″] Col-Erase colored pencil -> Micron Graphic 1 Pen -> Photoshop (for color) -> InDesign (type and border designs)