Warriors Wed Week 1: Mullin

Warriors Wednesday 01 MullinNew project time! With the All Star break over, it’s time to get ready for the run to the playoffs. From now through the rest of the regular season – and maybe longer – every Wednesday will be a #WarriorsWednesday where I will post an illustration of someone from the Warriors!

Who better to start this off than Chris Mullin! When I was first getting into the Dubs, it was just on the cusp of Run TMC. Mully’s smooth jumper was automatic and that flat-top was iconic. Little did I know it was about to become a historic time to be a Warriors fan. All I knew was – he and the rest of the team were so dang fun to watch!

Anyone in the Warriors organization, past or present, is fair game for this project. I’m gonna have some fun experimenting with different styles and trying out new things. If there’s anyone you wanna see me do, comment below!