The 3 Boogies Project

You know how you have those friends that order the same food or buy the same clothes as you cause they have the same tastes? Well when your friends are artists, they pick the same reference lol.

A few times now, @willow408 or @jcarillo_designs have posted drawings based on the same reference images that I had set aside to do something with. @jcarillo_designs had the fun idea to see what we’d each come up with knowing we are using the same reference. So we talked about it and thought, what better way to celebrate Boogie Cousins joining the Dubs than doing our own renditions of him.

BTW, none of us discussed using The Town jersey and it wasn’t in the reference. No surprise we each picked the same jersey to draw hahaha!


Manga Studio 5 (drawing & colors) -> Photoshop (color edits) -> InDesign (layout & text)