Warriors vs Rockets WCF Redux

Another throwback to a year ago when I did this Warriors Rockets Western Conference Finals matchup illustration for Bleacher R

Steph Got ‘Em

Throwin’ it back to last weekend when Steph got Klay for the 4-pt play. Sorry Klay lol. ========= Manga Studio 5 (drawin

Ugly Sweater Jersey

Christmas Day basketball: Warriors vs Lakers! Let’s goooo (it’s just a matter of time til ugly Christmas sweater j

Steph On Fire *Shrug*

Sooo… Steph last night… 🔥🔥🔥 ========= Manga Studio 5 (drawing & colors) -> Photosho

Steph’s Back

Steph. Back in The Finals. Fourth straight. Pretty damn amazing. ======================================== Manga Studio 5 (draw

Western Conference Juggernauts

Tonight’s the night! Huge thanks to Bleacher Report for allowing me to do this illustration for them! GO DUBS!! Repost @

Welcome to the Playoffs, Steph

Welcome to the 2018 NBA Playoffs, Steph! I know you’ll enjoy yourself. 😊🏀💧💦🌧

Stephen Prints Teaser

Who’s excited for Dubz Against The World 2 this weekend?! I am!! To help get you all pumped up, I’ll be previewing

Steph Against the World 2

Happy birthday, Steph! And in honor of your birthday (but not really haha), I’m cooking up some new art for the upcoming

Welcome back, Steph

Welcome back, Steph! Looking forward to what you’ll do in 2018! ======================================== Autodesk Sketch

BR Justice League: Aqua Curry

Here’s my illustration of the Aquaman / Steph Curry mashup. It was inspired by the Aquaman Justice League movie poster. I af

The Finals

LET’S GO DUBS!!! ======================================== [12″x15″] InDesign (Lettering, design, & compositing i