#NBAImagineIf: Curry a Buck

My sixth NBA Imagine If project! In 2012, The Bucks unknowingly rescinded a trade offer that would have changed the landscape of the NBA forever. The Warriors title run would probably have never happened. No Steph means Andre probably doesn’t come to the Dubs, which means KD probably doesn’t either. And no Splash Brothers! Meanwhile, the Bucks would have 2 MVP caliber players on their team in Steph and Giannis, and a 3rd All Star in Khris Middleton. Would they be in the middle of a title run today? Crazy to imagine what coulda been! (And I’m THRILLED Steph was never traded lol!)


Clip Studio Pro (drawing & colors) -> Photoshop (color edits and compositing) -> InDesign (text piece)