23 To 45

23 –> 45 ========= Clip Studio Pro (drawing & colors) -> Photoshop (color edits)

Rafa’s 13TH French Open

  Think about what you were doing in 2005 and realize that, since then, Rafael Nadal has only lost TWICE at the French Op

Naomi’s Names

Question: “You said from the beginning – you had seven matches, seven masks, seven names. What was the message you

#NBAImagineIf: Irving a Clipper

My seventh NBA Imagine If project! Remember that time the first overall pick was a trade sweetener for a point guard that star

Michael’s Last Dance V

  For the last episode of The Last Dance, had to do something special to celebrate the 🏀🐐. Was a lot of f

Michael’s Last Dance IV

More Michael for more of The Last Dance tonight. That classic Jordan fadeaway… ========= Clip Studio Pro (drawing &

Michael’s Last Dance III

More Michael for more of The Last Dance tonight. A vector-styled homage to the Nike photo in 1985 that influenced the Jumpman

Michael’s Last Dance II

More Michael for more of The Last Dance tonight. ========= Clip Studio Pro (drawing & colors) -> Photoshop (color edits

Michael’s Last Dance I

In honor of The Last Dance release tonight, here’s my recent MJ drawing for the NBA Imagine If project, but now in his C

#NBAImagineIf: Jordan a Rocket

Excited to post my first NBA Imagine If project! As Hakeem Olajuwon mentioned in his autobiography, there was a trade offer in

RF Great Escape

Fights off 7 match points and a groin injury to gut out a 5 set win just days after being 2 points from defeat and winning 6 s

Rooting for Naomi

My favorite Grand Slam of the year has started! Maybe it’s the magic of those midnight matches with the roar of the New