Sitting with my midtone paper

sittingmidtoneHere’s a sketch I did a few months back. I’d been wanting to experiment more with the midtone paper I’d recently bought. I mentioned this before, but a big inspiration for my experimenting with this paper is looking at the convention sketches done by *TerryDodson. He does these great midtone sketches of gorgeous women. So, I thought why not try my hand at drawing a gorgeous woman on midtone paper?

I flipped through some fashion magazines I had and, using a few different pictures, pieced together the reference for this drawing. Another element I wanted to work on was injecting some real-life influence into the drawing. Her hair, her outfit, the jewelry — all of it is either taken from or at least inspired by real-life.

Funny enough, the part I struggled with most was the chair. I didn’t want to draw some generic chair. I wanted it to be somewhat ornate and add more character to the drawing. But it also had to look and feel like a chair. Again, I cobbled together the design from a few references.

The piece was done with a combination of pencil, micron pens, warm and cold copic markers, and a white col-erase pencil for some highlights. Oh, and course an orangish-brown sheet of midtone paper. Overall, a fun experiment. I’m sure I will do more midtone sketches!


[9″x12″] Midtone Paper -> Col-Erase Pencil -> Micron Pens-> Copic Markers