Image Expo 2012 Tickets

ie2012_ticketsI made the admission tickets for the Image Expo convention and was mentioned in a nice write-up in the Robot 6 column on the Comic Book Resources website. Since I don’t often get press, thought I’d share the link. 😛 Click HERE to read the article.

The two aspects these mockups don’t show are the serial numbers and perforation that will appear to the right of the creator pictures. Thus, when the ticket is torn, the remaining stub will retain the show information on the left, the creator picture, and the book art on the back of the ticket.

When making the tickets for the convention, I was thinking about how when people go to a great concert or sporting event or theater show, that ticket becomes more than an entry pass. It becomes a keepsake. A reminder of a great time. My hope is that people will enjoy Image Expo and will keep these tickets as a reminder of a time they had at the very first (and maybe more to come?) Image Expo. Maybe people will get them signed by the creator on the ticket? Maybe people will collect them all?

More than anything, I just hope people look at them and think “Neat – they look better than the usual generic tickets to a comic book convention.” 🙂


[1.5″x5.5″] InDesign + Photoshop (Photo edits) + Illustrator (Logo edits)