Happy 100th Birthday, Jack Kirby!

Happy 100th BDay Jack KirbyA quick tribute sketch in honor of Jack Kirby’s 100th Birthday!

The first time I recognized who Jack Kirby was, I realized he was responsible for the Super Powers comics that I loved so much as a kid. At the time, I didn’t know why I enjoyed them so much. I knew they weren’t as “modern looking” as other comics at the time. But for whatever reason, I just did. Over time, I came to realize it was the brilliance, energy, and wonderment of Jack Kirby comics that enthralled me.

My favorite issue was issue 3, where Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, and Dr. Fate are transported back in time on Easter Island and they fight these giant alien beings made of stone. As the heroes defeat them, they realize that they are responsible for the giant stone monuments on the island! As a kid, that blew me away and left me wondering, “What if those giant stone monuments ARE aliens?!!” Had to do a homage sketch to that issue!

Happy birthday, Mr. Kirby! And thank you!


[6″x8″] Col-Erase pencil -> Pentel Brush Pen