Cassini Grand Finale

Cassini probeI know I’m a tad late with the recent Grand Finale, but I still wanted to do a small tribute to the amazing Cassini-Huygens mission to Saturn.

Been reading more about Cassini this past week and been fascinated with its timeline and achievements. To think that it took off back on Oct 15, 1997 – just as I was entering my final year of undergrad. Fight Club was the top movie in theaters and Puff Daddy – not P Diddy – was dominating radio play with multiple hits. Following the Cassini timeline got me reflective about the past 20 years, mirroring its achievements with what I was doing at the time. Amazing to think it took 7 years traveling nonstop just to get TO Saturn’s orbit!

I totally recommend checking out the Cassini timeline on JPL’s website. You’ll see some incredible photos sent back from space – including the time it flew just 16 miles from Saturn’s moon, Enceladus!


[800 pixels x 800 pixels] Android Tablet using Autodesk SketchBook -> Photoshop -> Instagram (filters)