The Spectacular Spider-Chan #2

Fake Spider-Gwen comic coverBecause I’m a terrible uncle, I was late getting this done and posting it and now it’s almost August and whaaaa what is happening to time?! A happy (very belated) first birthday to my niece, Caitlin! Couldn’t visit because of Covid, but nevertheless, wanted to do a matching cover for her, since her brother got one for his birthday (swipe to see his from 3 years ago). Plus, she always looks at his picture and points at it. I’m excited to see her reaction when this is hanging on the wall in her room. 😊

She loves jumping in her baby jumper, hence the “The Jubilant Jumper” part. And yes, those are creator credits at the bottom lol.


Clip Studio Pro (drawing & colors) -> Photoshop (colors) -> InDesign (lettering and compositing to 11″x17″)