The Custodian

The Custodian

My 3rd of 3 pieces in the Art of Gold Virtual Show! Follow @battleofthebayart to see more awesome Warriors-themed art created by 39 artists showcasing yesterday and today!

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The Custodian (Digital Art)
Artwork by @methodchan

About the artwork:
“If you know, you know! If you were lucky enough to have witnessed it back in the 2003-04 season, a training camp invitee earned a spot on the final roster with his constant hustle. He did all the dirty work and was constantly diving on the floor for loose balls. DubNation loved the never-ending effort and the Warrior legend of “The Custodian” was born! I wish he was on the Warriors for longer than one season. Nevertheless, his legend will live on in Warriors-lore forever. I mean, ownership already talked about retiring the number 35. Sure, that Kevin Durant guy may have had something to do with that talk – but after KD AND The Custodian? That number should definitely be retired. :-P”


Clip Studio Pro (drawing & colors) -> Photoshop (color edits)