Dubz Against The World 2 Talent

DATW2 ArtistsWhat an amazing weekend! Had an absolutely fantastic time at Dubz Against The World 2 chatting with enthusiastic strangers, meeting the talented artists that I was exhibiting with, and being inspired by the awesome pieces on display!

Big thanks to all my friends that came through to support me and the show! Greatly appreciated! Shout-outs to all the artists that not only inspired me with their work, but were also super cool people to hang out with. I feel like I made a lot of friends this past weekend. 😃

HUGE thanks to @consciousbasketball , @dubzagainsttheworld , and @kitzystudios for inviting me and putting on the show! Also to @bleacherreport , @brxdesign , and @brkicks for allowing me to represent Bleacher Report with my art! 🏀🖼🔥