San Diego Comic Con 2012 ad

sdcc2012conventionadHere’s a comic book page advertisement I made for San Diego Comic Con 2012.

With ads like these that have so much information to get across, clarity and organization is my big focus. Knowing that the EXPERIENCE CREATIVITY ad campaign was a big year-long initiative for Image, I wanted to make the creator photos the main visual focus. To maintain consistency and keeping the ads from visually fighting with each other, I kept them all grayscale with their names in the same bottom-center placement. I then placed the Comic Con logo in front of the pictures and sized it to grab the viewers’ attention. The yellow spot-color also helped with that. And I added a drop shadow to it to push it forward.

I made the background blue to add some color and visual interest and also reflect Image’s unofficial colors (yellow and blue). Added in the creators’ names down the left side to help lead the viewer’s eye to the Image logo and Comic Con logo. Added the solicitation information to the right of the logo so the viewer’s eye continues from top-bottom, left-to-right. Edited in some red spot color in the text to tie-in the Image logo with the Image Comics booth info and Twitter address.


[6.5″x10″] Photoshop (image edits) -> InDesign (layout and text)