TPT 2021 Week 9: Jonathan Taylor

He’s been pretty dang great this season and almost got a previous week’s #TopPerformerTuesday post, so Jonathan

TPT 2021 Week 8: Mike White

You know how you earn a #TopPerformerTuesday drawing? When, in your NFL debut, you lead a 1-5 team to upset a 5-2 team, thro

TPT 2021 Week 7: Mike Evans

Lotta players with similar scores in Week 7, but decided to go with Mike Evans for this week’s #TopPerformerTuesday wi

TPT 2021 Week 6: CeeDee Lamb

CeeDee Lamb got this week’s #TopPerformerTuesday as he not only had 2 TDs on a great receiving day, but also the game

TPT 2021 Week 5: Justin Herbert

Another of my fantasy quarterbacks scored 5 TDs! And another time they were on my bench lol cry! 😭 I swear I’m g

TPT 2021 Week 4: Tyreek Hill

It’s already upsetting when your previously unbeaten team is defeated by a wide receiver putting up 11 receptions, 189 y

TPT 2021 Week 3: Josh Allen

If you are responsible for 5 touchdowns, you have a high probability of being selected for #TopPerformerTuesday haha! Congra

TPT 2021 Week 2: Derrick Henry

The Week 2 #TopPerformerTuesday goes to Derrick Henry and the gaudy numbers he put up! Sorry if you had to face him in fantas

TPT 2021 Week 1: Kyler Murray

Fantasy football is back! Week One’s top performer was Arizona’s Kyler Murray with his 5 TD game – 4 passing and 1 rushi

Trey is Ready

Welcome to the 2021-2022 season, Niners Faithful! Trey is ready. Let’s go Niners!! 🏈🔥💪 =========

One More, Kelce

Mmmm who am I going with for this Superbowl? I’m going with the guy who put up an awesome fantasy season for me (came in

BLM: Kneeling

Been reading and listening and processing and trying to be better about understanding racial inequality and inequity. Was read