Steph’s back tonight

So happy he’s back tonight! ========= Manga Studio 5 (drawing & colors) -> Photoshop (color edits)  

Paschall’s Star is Rising

Congrats to Eric Paschall for being the lone Warriors representative at All Star Weekend 2020! Well deserved selection to toni

Andre’s back!

Happy to have Andre back in the building! Feels weird to see him in another jersey, but he’ll always be a Warrior to Dub

Thank you, DLo

In a clearly down year, he provided some fun moments for Ws fans. Best of luck with the TWolves, DLo! ========= Clip Studio Pr

Running back Run TMC

In honor of last night’s Warriors game being Run TMC night, #tbt to when @jcarillo_designs , @willow408 , and I ha

Headband Klay, Reporter Klay

Warriors win on Headband Klay bobblehead night! Throwing it back to a little over a year ago when Headband Klay set the NBA re

Ice In His Veins

DLo with the career-high 52 pts. Ice in his veins. ========= Clip Studio Pro (drawing & colors) -> Photoshop (color edi

Barnett is Golden

Hellooo everyone! Sorry for the long lack of posts. Work’s been nuts. Life’s been nuts. Just haven’t had the

Thank You, Shaun

When the Dubs won their 2015 championship, the player I was happiest for was Shaun. He suffered the most gruesome injury IR

Best wishes, Boogie

Even though he’s no longer a Warrior, it was still sad to hear the terrible news about Boogie’s ACL tear. Sending

Clippers vs Warriors in 2019-20

Thrilled to share my latest project – illustrating the Clippers vs Warriors for the Clippers 2019/20 schedule release! T

Thank You, Andre

A long overdue THANK YOU to 3x champ and Finals MVP, Andre Iguodala! On Tuesday, Andre visited Salesforce for a talk about Equ