BLM: Kneeling

Been reading and listening and processing and trying to be better about understanding racial inequality and inequity. Was read

Blackout Tuesday

Black lives matter. ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽✊🏽✊🏻✊

#NBAImagineIf: 60 in 60

  [Audio: On 🔊] For the past 60 days, we hope you’ve enjoyed our fun look into an alternate NBA where trade

#NBAImagineIf: Curry a Timberwolf

My ninth and final NBA Imagine If project! In 2009, The Timberwolves entered the draft needing a point guard and having back-t

#NBAImagineIf: Paul a Laker

My eighth NBA Imagine If project! Couldn’t let this project pass without addressing one of the great “shoulda been

#NBAImagineIf: Irving a Clipper

My seventh NBA Imagine If project! Remember that time the first overall pick was a trade sweetener for a point guard that star

Michael’s Last Dance V

  For the last episode of The Last Dance, had to do something special to celebrate the 🏀🐐. Was a lot of f

#NBAImagineIf: Curry a Buck

My sixth NBA Imagine If project! In 2012, The Bucks unknowingly rescinded a trade offer that would have changed the landscape

Michael’s Last Dance IV

More Michael for more of The Last Dance tonight. That classic Jordan fadeaway… ========= Clip Studio Pro (drawing &

#NBAImagineIf: Payton a Warrior

My fifth NBA Imagine If project! In 1990, The Warriors traded away what ended up being the 2nd overall pick in the draft. The

Vader’s Glow

He is disturbed by your lack of faith. ========= Clip Studio Pro (drawing & colors) -> Photoshop (color edits)

Michael’s Last Dance III

More Michael for more of The Last Dance tonight. A vector-styled homage to the Nike photo in 1985 that influenced the Jumpman