Teller’s Coins and Goldfish Trick

tellercoinsgoldfishtrickWent to Vegas to enjoy some decompression time from work. Purposefully went to Vegas to enjoy some magic shows including the always amazing Penn & Teller! I’ve been to their show before and I know they do a fan meet-n-greet after it, so I wanted to personally give them sketches as gifts to show my appreciation.

On my previous visit, The trick that Teller did that blew me away was a trick he does with coins and goldfish. I sorta am giving away the punchline with the drawing (sorry if I ruined it for you), but I love the execution as much as the finale. Had to sketch that trick for Teller. If you haven’t seen it, click here and enjoy!


[6″x8″] Col-Erase pencil -> Micron Pens