Nouveau Girl big print

Nouveau Girl Print (11″x17″)


Product Description

I was lookin over some Alphonse Mucha books (so awesome!) and was inspired to try my hand at an Art Nouveau-ish illustration. I know I could’ve been more ornate and decorative as per more of the usual Nouveau illustrations. In this case, I was looking at some Mucha pieces that had simple geometric shapes and long linear curves in the background.

I kept the coloring simple and flat as I saw in the books I have. Overall, it was a fun experiment. :-)


[11″x17″] Col-Erase Pencil -> Micron Pens -> Photoshop (for art edits) -> Illustrator (for design elements) -> Photoshop (for comping image and coloring) -> InDesign (for typography and layout for press)

Additional Information

Dimensions 17 x 11 in