Mechanic Girl print

Mechanic Girl (11″x14″)


Product Description

Recently picked up the NORMAN ROCKWELL, BEHIND THE CAMERA book and have been on a Norman Rockwell tear of late, picking up a few more books about him and his work. Obviously, his work is incredible! I absolutely love the narratives that he imbues in his illustrations. I had to do a Rockwell inspired piece.

Looking at his LIBERTY GIRL piece that was the cover to the SATURDAY EVENING POST on September 4, 1943, I took the theme of celebrating the contributions made by women during a time of war and did my own magazine cover.

For the main image, I was thinking of a girl mechanic being called to duty to fix yet another damaged vehicle. She’s got her protective goggles, work boots and gloves on, and a backpack full of spare pipes. Slung around her shoulder are spare wires for electrical work while she’s dragging some heavier wires for hydraulics. She’s got her utility belt full of tools and is movin at a good clip to get to fixin!

I kept the same design elements as the original cover, but altered things like the name of the magazine and the story titles. For the names, Stephen Galileo is a combination of two famous astronomer’s names — Stephen Hawking and Galileo Galilei. For the Buzz Armstrong name, I combined two famous astronauts’ names — Buzz Aldrin’s and Neil Armstrong’s names.


[11″x14″] Col-Erase Pencil -> Micron Pens -> Photoshop (for coloring) -> InDesign (for typography and layout for press) -> Photoshop (for texture and adjustments)

Additional Information

Dimensions 14 x 11 in