Football Girl big print

Football Girl (11″x17″)


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I am so happy the NFL season is on!

I dreaded that lockout. Thankfully, there was a resolve and it didn’t effect the season schedule (not looking so good for the NBA right now).

I SO look forward to my Sunday’s! I get up early (well, comparatively early as I love to sleep-in on Sundays), carry a blanket to the living room, lay on the couch, and happily watch the morning game. Doesn’t matter who’s on — I’m always happy Sunday mornings. I didn’t get the fancy NFL cable channel packages or the NFL Red Zone, because I swear I’d never leave the house. So I’m good with whatever’s on. Whoever Fox or CBS chooses, I’m fine with. I do realize that life does still happen on Sundays. It just starts a little later in the day for me.

Then Mondays come. I eagerly await Monday Night Football all day. I sit at my desk and hum the MNF theme song it. Ask my coworkers — it’s true. Thankfully, some of them join in. 😛

Of course, a lot of my happiness ispredicated on my fantasy football teams’ successes. So far, 3 weeks in and my teams are doing well. I have 2 teams and it’s probably good that I limit myself to 2 leagues or I would spend all my free time fine-tuning them. I can’t talk about my teams much more for fear that I anger the Football Fantasy Gods and my star players get injured. Wait, that already happened to Peyton Manning (I swear the Colts were just smoke-screening his injury!), so maybe I’m owed some karma. Anyhow, we’ll see how happy I am at Week 10.

I can’t wait until Thursday night games start again.


[11″x17″] Col-Erase Pencil -> Micron Pens -> Photoshop

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Dimensions 17 x 11 in