Monta Ellis All Star Vinyl 2012

asvmontanew_finalAfter six seasons, Monta Ellis was traded from the Warriors to the Milwaukee Bucks today. Being a big Warriors fan, I watch more than my fair share of games. No matter how bad things got, no matter how badly they were losing, Monta was always exciting to watch. I know people say he’s a ballhog and that he shoots too much, but whenever the Warriors needed a basket at the end of the game, who got the ball? Monta. He fought hard every game and was incredibly durable for the amount of contact he takes. He’s been playing at an All-Star level the past few seasons and never got the credit he deserved. I hope now that he’s in the Eastern Conference, he’ll get the well-deserved All-Star nod.

Funny enough, even though I had drawn a picture of Monta two years ago (as a “what if Monta was turned into an Upper Deck All Star Vinyl figure?” — here’s the link), I never updated the drawing to the current uniform — until this past Friday. My brother was going to the Warriors-Clippers game on Sunday and there was a chance he was going to get Monta’s autograph. Turns out my brother did and Monta signed my drawing of him in a Warriors uniform, in what turned out to be his last game as a Warrior.

He will be missed.


[11″x17″] Photoshop for edits from previous illustration