John Conner The Terminator

johnconnerterminatorJust finished watching the Monday Night Football game featuring the Jets and the Vikings. It was an ugly first half, but it got exciting in the second half! Favre can still sling it when he has to, but the Jets defense was just a little too much tonight.

Thought this was the perfect time to post my latest piece — a commissioned illustration of New York Jets Running Back, John Conner. He got the nickname, “The Terminator” because of (obviously) his name, but also because of the big blocks he lays on the opposition. Check out some YouTube highlights. You’ll see why he earned the nickname. 🙂

This commission was a great opportunity to revisit the All Star Vinyl figures style that I had so much fun with a little while back doing my Monta Ellis drawing. Plus, with such a great nickname, it was a fun to work in Terminator related design elements.

And in case you like this and are interested in a commission for yourself, I posted commission information on my front page.


[11″x17″] Col-Erase Pencil -> Micron Pens -> Photoshop (for coloring) -> InDesign (for design & typography)