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fealessfierceproudstrongThis was done during the Warriors 2013 playoff run!


No this is not a repeat post. But it is a repeat topic! 😛

One last time for this season, I gotta give props to the awesome season that my Golden State Warriors had. The magical ride came to a close last week when they lost to playoff regulars, the San Antonio Spurs. But the Ws went further than anyone expected. The excitement in the Bay Area was fantastic. I can’t remember talking with and high-fiving so many strangers. It was so great to have so much shared enthusiasm. Even days after the loss, people are still going around town wearing their Ws gear with pride. It’s just go great to see. And so weird to have the NBA lottery today and the Ws weren’t in it! Ws fans didn’t have to hope the NBA gods would deem it fit to give us a high pick in the hopes of find a new savior. For the first time in I-can’t-remember-when, we actually have a pretty full, well-rounded roster without any glaring needs anywhere (assuming everyone gets healthy). I hope everyone returns – especially Jarrett Jack and Carl Landry. I’d love to make another run next year with everyone healthy and Brandon Rush coming back.

So back to my art for this post. A few posts ago, I posted a wallpaper I made during the first playoff series when the Ws beat the Nuggets. Well, once the Warriors advanced, I felt like I needed to make another wallpaper to cheer on the Dubs in the 2nd round. So taking the same layout, I swapped in photos from the 2nd series as well as the adopted motto for the 2nd round. Once again, the Warriors organization posted it to their website and I was elated to be recognized by my favorite team. Even funnier when one of my friends contacted me to ask if I made the wallpaper! Hahaha!

So thanks again SO MUCH, Golden State Warriors! It was one of the best thrilling, exciting, exhilarating seasons I’ve ever witnessed. Getting to experience “Roaracle” during Games 3 and 6 of the Nuggets series was absolutely phenomenal and can’t be described — only experienced! I’m already counting down the days to when camps open in October! LET’S GO WARR-IORS!!! *CLAP CLAP CLAPCLAPCLAP*