Chris Paul All Star Vinyl

asvchrispaulHere’s an illustration I did of, IMHO, the best point guard in the league — Chris Paul! CP3 has been absolutely killin it this year leading the Clippers to one of the best records in the league! It’s been an amazing year for them. 16 straight wins in the NBA?! That’s an amazing accomplishment. Hope you dig this take on him as if he was an Upper Deck All Star Vinyl figure.

The origin of this drawing comes from my brother attending a fundraiser that Chris Paul was a part of. My brother thought it’d be cool if I did an original drawing of Chris and see if he would sign it. Thankfully, I had enough time to get it done just in time for the fundraiser. And my brother was successful – Chris did sign it! He actually liked it enough that he got a copy of this drawing from my brother!

And as with all my drawings of All Star Vinyl figures, I used real life details for reference. Chris’ wristbands that he plays in. The left arm sleeve. His CP3 player exclusive shoes. The Clippers logos on the jersey and shorts. All of it was researched to try to bring that extra touch to the drawing. Hope you like it!


[11″x17″] Col-Erase Pencil -> Micron Pens-> Photoshop (colors) -> InDesign (text and layout)