1-Hr-Sketch: Smooth Criminal

1hrsketchsmoothcriminalFinally got to do another 1-Hr-Sketch. Been meaning to do it again since I enjoyed it so much the first time (see below for how I do my 1-hr-sketches).

I’m a big fan of Michael Jackson’s music and was sad to hear about his passing. I felt like I should do a drawing to celebrate his life. My favorite Michael Jackson song is Smooth Criminal (followed very closely by Billie Jean), so I knew I wanted to do a Smooth Criminal inspired drawing. Watched the video a few times and picked out some elements of the video — his outfit, the armband & hat, the old microphone, and the big circular window he dances in front of.


[11″x14″] Light Blue Col-erase pencil -> Micron pens -> Prismacolor Pens -> Brush Pen -> Photoshop


How I do my 1-Hr-Sketches:

The quick rundown is that I do it all during the Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien cause (1) I enjoy the Conan hilarity as well as (2) it has a timed structure to the show allowing me to gauge time without looking at a clock:
1) Layouts during Opening Monologue & Skit
2) Pen/Ink during First guest
3) Greytones during Second guest
4) Brush pen/Ink during Musical guest

When the show’s done, I’m done. I allow myself 5 minutes worth of touchups on Photoshop. 😛

All the sketches are 11″x14″. This forces me to make bigger, looser movements.